Taizé Project

Every person has experienced challenging times during which simple words cannot describe the emotions that one feels. Events like natural disasters, periods of political change, or global, historic devastation like the pandemic we are suffering now can often leave us grasping for something to say.

«When playing and singing Taizé music, I always find the music soothing to my soul. In learning new things during these unprecedented times, I have recorded a few videos of Taizé music. Taizé music often takes the structure of an ostinato (a simple melody that repeats repeatedly) and was created to serve as a kind of musical, centering prayer. Because Taizé music is intentionally simple, it provides a great way to move our prayer from the head to the heart. Inspired by Yo-yo Ma’s – Songs of Hope Project, I would like to share music that always brings me peace, comfort, and hope. Today more than ever, we need to share with others messages of reconciliation and love.»